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Daily Update . . . . . . . . April 17, 2015

News and Tip of the Day

2015 Individual Tax Return Checklist for 2014 Returns
S Corporation Tax Prep Checklist for 2014 Returns

To Do List-----Federal Tax Calendar--April, 2015
To Do List-----All States Tax Calendar--April, 2015

Special Reports--

False Deductions Result in Tax Fraud--03/26/15
Standard Mileage or Actual Expenses?--What's the best method--Updated--03/23/15
Deductions on Schedule C--Updates and Additions--03/09/15
800,000 Form 1095-As Contain Errors--02/20/15
IRS Simplifies Requirement for Most Small Businesses to Comply With Tangible Property Regulations--02/14/15
New for 2014 Returns--02/09/15
Getting Ready for Your Tax Preparer--02/02/15
Picking a CPA or Return Preparer--Updates and Additions--01/30/15
Going Out on Your Own?--Factors to consider--Updates and Additions--01/21/15
Deductions Denied For Farmhouse--Property not held for business or production of income--01/14/15
ABLE Tax-Advantaged Accounts for Disabled Individuals--01/02/15
Tax Extenders Package Passed--Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014--12/17/14
Medical Deduction for Swimming Pool--12/12/14
Other Recent Additions/Updates--

Synopses of Tax Court Cases--New Additions - Week Ended April 11, 2015--(Links to Prior Years)--04/11/15
Summary of 2015 Revenue Rulings, Procedures, Regulations, etc.--Bulletin 15 for 2015--Short List--(Links to Prior Years)--04/11/15
IRS Publications--Health Care section added--04/08/15
Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL) for January 1 through June 30, 2015--03/27/15
Applicable Federal Rates (AFR)--April, 2015--03/19/15 - - - Blended Rate-2014 - - -  IRS Interest Rate-Short List
IRS Publications--Additions--03/19/15
Interest Rates on Over- Underpayments--Second Quarter 2015 - - -  IRS Interest Rate-Short List--03/13/15
Checklist--Other Income Items Form 1040--Additions--03/05/15
Checklist Addition--Job Expenses and Miscellaneous Deductions Schedule A--02/20/15
Auto and Vehicle Tables--Maximum annual depreciation for vehicles purchased in 2015--02/06/15
Checklist Addition--Other Income Items Form 1040--02/05/15
Special Reports--Index update--02/02/15
State Sites--Links to state tax sites updated--01/21/15
Worksheet Addition--Distance Test for Moving Expenses--01/16/15
State Tax Information and Links--Updates to taxes and refund links--01/14/15
Auto and Vehicle Tables--Depreciation limit updated for law change--01/12/15
Auto and Vehicle Tables--Maximum value cents-per-mile valuation rule-2015--01/10/15
Percentage Withholding Tables--2015--01/02/15
IRS Forms--Updates and Additions--01/02/15
Abbreviations--Some common abbreviations used in business and finance, and taxes--Additions--12/31/14
Checklist Addition--Amounts Subject to Self-Employment Tax--12/24/14
Depreciation Tables--Updated for 2014 Sec. 179 limits--12/19/14
Reference Section--

Inflation Adjusted Tax Rates--Plus Personal Exemptions, Standard Deduction, Phaseout Amounts, etc.--
Checklists and Worksheets
State Sites--Links to tax, secretary of state, and CPA state society, business licenses and annual report requirements for all states.
Frequently Asked Questions
Special Reports--Articles of continuing interest.
Glossary--A collection of tax and business terms.     A-M    N-Z
Abbreviations--Some common abbreviations used in business and finance.
Business, Tax, Accounting Formulas--Formulas, ratios, math, etc.
Special Forms--Corporate, special tax, elections, business, etc. forms.
IRS Interest Rates, AFRs--AFR (applicable federal rate), interest rate on over- and underpayments.
Corporate and Individual Tax Rates--Rates, standard deduction, personal exemption, phaseout rules, etc. for 2014 and prior years.
Vehicle Tables--Standard mileage rates, luxury car depreciation limits, amounts for valuing employee use, inclusion amounts for leased vehicles.
Depreciation Tables--The most common depreciation tables and examples of how to use them.
IRS Publications--A searchable list of the most popular IRS publications.--Latest changes to publications.
IRS Forms--A searchable list of the most popular IRS forms.
Small Business Links--Essential links for business owners.
Valuation Guide for Charitable Contributions--The thrift shop value of selected items.
Private Delivery Services--Services that qualify for the 'timely mailed is timely filed' IRS rule.
High-Low Per Diem Amounts; SIFL Rates
Percentage Withholding Tables    2015

IRS Quick Links--

IRS Forms and Publications    Changes to Forms and Publications    Draft Forms
Internal Revenue Bulletins
News Releases and Fact Sheets
IRS Tax Professionals Page    IRS Small Business/Self-Employed Page
Local IRS News--IRS news specific to local areas, such as disaster relief.     Local IRS Offices--Find your local IRS office.
Tax Relief in Disaster Situations--Recent disasters, additional info from IRS.    State-by-State Links--(incl. older disasters)     FEMA Disaster Declarations    Hurricane Sandy
Exempt Organizations--Check status of charitable organization.    Automatic Revocation of Exemption List--Charities who failed to file returns.    Tax Benefits for Higher Education
IRS Earned Income Tax Credit Assistant--Determines eligibility for credit and approximate amount.
Alternative Minimum Tax Assistant--Find out if you're subject to the AMT.    Sales Tax Deduction Calculator--Find the amount of sales tax you can deduct.
Where to File--Caution. There are different addresses for individual taxpayers, with and without payments, professionals, business, etc.
IRS 1040 Central--A number of pages for individual tax help.    Free File--File electronically for free.
Where's My Refund?--Enter your Social Security number, filing status, and refund amount to find the status of your IRS refund. Same for State Refunds.

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